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About Therapy

Therapy is a safe, neutral and confidential space where you can say the things that need saying and be facilitated toward growth, healing and/or a solution. The aim of therapy is to co-create a reality more to your liking going forward – one where you are more empowered to live the life of your dreams and more equipped to engage healthily and with confidence. Therapy deals with any challenge on any issue and can meet you wherever you are at – whether you feel life is a mess and are really struggling with a mental health disorder or whether you are an individual wanting to self-actualize or explore an area you feel you could maximize functioning in. Therapy aims to respect your rights and knowledge about your world and needs, and couples this with the expertise of the therapist to produce powerful and practical results in your life and outlook. It is respectful of all values and aims to enhance the quality of your life or concerns. It allows you to ‘hear yourself think’ in a non-judgemental environment that facilitates healing and growth. Conversation, questioning, reframing, exploring options and practise are just some of the tools utilized to do this so it is a supportive and up -building process bringing peace and healing at a pace that suits you.